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Baltic Tours: Visit Museums, Zoos...

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Lithuania became republic in 1991 and is among the three Baltic countries. When you visit this country, you’d get a chance to stopover with the beautiful landscape, clean beaches, castles and palaces. There are fine museums which we would mention to help you with your Baltic Tours plan.

Europos Parkas: Europos Parkas, that is the Park of Europe is an open-air museum spread in 50-hectare space and showcases 100 diverse pieces of art from across counties like Mexico, Japan, France, Russia, Germany and the United States. The park has art pieces like the LNK Infotree. Created by Gintaras Karosas, it's the largest artwork in the world as per Guinness Book of World record.

The Gate of Dawn: The Gate of Dawn can be seen as a towering structure in Vilnius. Religious artefacts are said to have been added in the 16th century to get city protected from attacks. You can see the Blessed Virgin Mary’s icon. It’s said, the icon has some miraculous power.

Lithuanian Sea Museum: The Lithuanian Sea Museum is a blend of museum and aquarium - the best way to spend time on fun and educational purpose for the whole family. You can explore exhibits grey seal, seas lions, and penguins. Make sure to visit Dolphinarium. It enables you to get an individual session with the dolphins. Include this in your Baltic Tours plan.

Gediminas’ Tower: It’s said to have been built by the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas. Visitors can easily go to the top and see the spectacular view of the surroundings. There is a museum in the tower. You can see the archaeological findings collected from the hill and at the adjoining areas.

House of Perkunas: The House of Perkunas is said to have been built by Hanseatic League which was the confederation of guilds of merchants during the 1400s. There is a museum dedicated to Adam Mickiewicz, a celebrated poet, political activist and dramatist.

Lithuanian Zoo: The Lithuanian Zoo is one of the most important attractions in Lithuania. The most important exhibits include Reptile House, Monkey House, Bird House, the Tiger's Corner and the aquarium. If you're an animal enthusiast, you should visit this zoo.

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